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  Services offered - An imposing series has always been the forte of Prime Group. Manufacturer of cement and textiles, the group provided everything from vehicles and spare parts to BOP stack and casings. With a proven track-record of delivering foodstuffs and perishables, Prime Group has served heavy industries by providing casings, drill pipes, heavy electrical equipment and heavy-duty vehicles.
  Credentials - The large number of clients associated with varied interests is the biggest credential of Prime Group. Many illustrious names in business from all parts of the world would give testimony to the high standard of service the Prime Group provides. Always supplying cost-effective materials on time, the company enjoys utmost client loyalty. Prime Group is also proud of its association with the United Nations Organizations in arranging relief services to different parts of the world. Our clients include blue chip companies in the OGP sector and heavy industries in the Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Canada and CIS countries.
  Strategic Strength - Assured supplies, timely delivery, minimal-complaint history, cost-effective, and a worldwide association with blue-chip companies are the Prime Groups’ strong points. Through its logistic division, the group passes on the benefits of warehousing and transport to all clients.
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